Hello, I'm

Smit Patel.

I build web apps

I'm a Full Stack Developer based in Winnipeg, MB
Specialised in building and designing websites and applications.

01. About Me

Hello, I'm Smit, a computer programmer based in Winnipeg, MB.

I enjoy inventing and building things for Web. My goal is to build attractive and smooth Apps, that all users enjoy using. Working with a lot of diversed people, while still maintaining performance makes me different.

Before my second year in Durham College, I started my Freelancing Business. Providing excellent solutions to Business, which can lead their business and reflect my efforts, is always been my Core Strength.

Here are some technologies, I have been working on lately:









02. Experience

Full-stack Developer @ Netdevv

Oct 2017 – Apr 2020

  • Building Backend API using Node.js, PHP, ASP.NET, JAVA to serve 10,000+ requests and server content on front-end.
  • Setup containers on Debian based systems to host Nginx and Apache servers.
  • Improve security of websites using LetsEncrypt’s Certbot on linux and configure certificates for nginx and apache.
  • Setup docker containers for Postgres, MySql and MongoDB to improve stability and scalability of projects.
  • Develop UI/UX by using tools like AdobeXD, Figma and collobrate with other developers to improve design.
  • Prototype responsive websites using Nuxt.js; design interactions using SCSS, TailwindCss and BootStrap.
  • Use version control on Github and Gitlabs to collobrate with team and share my code as OpenSource.
  • Work as part of an agile team fostering teamwork, mentoring others, and striving for overall excellence.

03. Work

Project Image

Featured Project


This is a sales funnel website for a nateropathic doctor. Includes functionalities like blogging, appoinment booking and faq sections.
Wordpress Elementor Contact Form 7 Mailchimp

Featured Project


This is a custom website for a nateropathic doctor. Includes functionalities like blogging, commenting, live search, appoinment booking and faq sections.
Gridsome Tailwindcss Algolia SCSS
Project Image
Project Image

Featured Project


This is a real estate listing website. Includes functionalities like login, register, user management, moderation and API.
Php Vue.js Tailwind PostgreSQL

Featured Project


This is a SAS software website. Includes functionalities like product showcase, mega menu, login, register, subscribtion and many more.
Nuxt-js Tailwindcss NodeJs SCSS
Project Image
Project Image

Featured Project

College Course Site

This is an educational site build for web development course. Includes functionality like - attandance tracker, docs, resources and user management.
Laravel Vue.js Vue-Press Vuetify

04. Lets get in touch