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This plugin doesn't collect any information regrading any user or any other data from your site. All the source code can be found on github if you want to dig into how this plugin is designed.


Config Page

Config Page


  1. Wordpress provides a wide range of functionality for better user experience. This plugin will enhance editing ton of users without reloading and wasting time to reload all data at once.

  2. The plugin is designed and developed keeping in mind the security & performance of your site.

  3. This plugin is designed and written by experts and is easy to use and understand.

  4. It reduces security risk by checking for vulnerabilities, and by implementing and enforcing the latest recommended WordPress security practices and techniques.

  5. Youtube Setup Guide - Comming Soon!

  6. Our plugin is designed upon Object-Oriented approach, which increases the security and made this plugin easy to maintain.

  7. Robust User Search plugin doesn't slow down your site and it is 100% free.

List of the features offered in this plugin:

User Data Security

By default, when you install and activate this plugin, it only allow the site admin to access the plugin. You can choose which roles should be allowed to use this plugin. To change role permission: Go to Robust Search >> Settings. User privilage checking every time you someone access REST API. So users/bots cannot discover user info via our REST API.

Search By

This plugin targets the restriction and limitation of wordpress user search tab and provide the user with the functionality to search by Username, First name, Last name, Email or Business Name

Quick Edit

This feature is provided to increase your productivity by giving you quick edit component. To use this feature simple navigate to Robust Search on your admin panel. Search for any user you wish to edit. Click on edit icon at the end and edit user data easily.

This plugin doesn't make a request every time your search for something. Instead it saves the data on front-end cache and search into cache, which in turn reduce load on server. You will be amazed by the robust search that this plugin provides.

ReSync Data

ReSync Button is an alternative to load new or updated data in real-time. For example: If you and your colleague are working on changing user data at same time, you can tap ReSync to load the updated data. By Default when you edit and save any user data, the plugin auto resync data to optimize user experience.


  1. Pressing ESC button while typing in search box will clear all the text.
  2. Proper focus & hover indicator.
  3. Pressing ENTER while editing data will save the data.
  4. Pressing ESC while editing data will exit the form (Without saving data).
  5. Reset Button will revert all data to its orignal form to the time when you loaded the form. (But don't forget to save)

Descriptive Errors

With this plugin you will easy going to identify empty first, last or business names. Empty fields will be marked red for easy identification. When you edit or save data, you will see appropriate error messages to make your life easier.

Plugin Support

If you have a question or problem with the Robust User Search plugin, post it on the support forum and I will help you.


  1. If you are a developer and you want to contribute to the plugin then visit plugin repository and make a pull request.
  2. Github repository -


  • To begin making your WordPress site more productive:
  1. Upload the '' file from the Plugins->Add New page in the WordPress administration panel.
  2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress
  3. Go to Settings menu under 'Robust Search' and start activating the roles you want to provide access.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

  1. Do I require any other plugin to add businnes name and phone number meta data ?
    No, because meta data is provided by this plugin.


Author: Smit Patel
Description: Customize your return to shop button to redirect to different URL.
Resease Date: 10 September 2020
Contributors: smitpatelx
Required WP Version: 5.2
Tested up to: 5.5.3
Stable Release: 1.0.1
License: GPL-v2-only
Copyright 2023 - Smit Patel